Journal Publications

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*(An early version of) this paper won the runner-up prize in ESSLLI's 2009 (Bordeaux) best student paper competition.

Book (Chapter) Publications

[B2] S. Wintein. What makes a knight? Interfaces: Explorations in logic, language and computation,  (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 6211), 2010, pp.25-37,Berlin: SpringerLink. (penultimate version)

[B1] S.Wintein. Playing with Truth. Ph.D. dissertation, 2012. ISBN: 9789461691934, Optima Grafische Communicatie, Rotterdam 

Proceeding Publications

[C2] S.Wintein. Modifying Kremer’s Modified Gupta-Belnap Desideratum. In: J. DeVuyst & L. Demey (Eds.), Future Directions for Logic: Proceedings of PhD’s in Logic 3, 2012, College Publications  (superseded by [A7])

[C1] S.Wintein. Computing with Self-reference. In: T. Achourioti, E. Andrade & M. Staudacher (Eds.), Proceedings of the Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference—Meaning and Truth, 2010, pp. 103-115. ILCC publications X- 2010-1.  (superseded by [A6])

Other Publications

[D1] R. Urbaniak and S. Wintein. PhDs in Logic, research report, The Reasoner 3(4), 2009.

[D2] S. Wintein and C.Heilmann. Eerlijkheid voor kleine partijen, post on the Dutch philosophy blog Bij Nader Inzien, 2017.