My PhD thesis Playing with Truth is a collection of papers that revolve around the topic of self-referential truth.Given a language which contains Liar sentences, Truthtellers and what have you: Which sentences are assertible? Which are deniable? Which inferences are correct? My thesis develops three interrelated frameworks to answer these questions. A common feature of the frameworks is that they allow us to formalize the notion of an assertoric norm; the mentioned questions are answered relative to the specification of such a norm.  The frameworks shed novel light on the notions of assertion, denial and truth, which is testified by the various philosophical applications of the frameworks  that are discussed in my thesis.

Here is a digital copy of Playing with Truth. If you are interested in obtaining a hard-copy (including the beautiful cover you see above) send an email to stefanwintein-at-gmail-dot-com. The cover of the thesis is inspired by this Riddle.