Welcome to my webpage.  I am a post-doc researcher in F.A. Muller's Vici winning project The Structure of Reality and the Reality of Structure, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before that, I did quite some other things, as a glance at my CV testifies.

I work mainly in philosophical logic and in the philosophy of language, as witnessed by my Publications.  

My PhD thesis Playing with Truth (Tilburg University, 2012, Cum Laude) is concerned with self-referential truth and its paradoxes.

I collaborate with Reinhard Muskens on a regular basis. On 4-valued logics (e.g. as in this paper or in that paper) but also on 16-valued logics (as in here). We also study interpolation properties for these logics: this paper does so for 4-valued logics and this paper for 16-valued logics.

I am also interested in theories of fairness. Together with Conrad Heilmann,  I recently published How to be fairer and Dividing the Indivisible. More joint work on fairness is under review and under construction.

Together with Michiel de Smet, I am the founding father of the PhDs in Logic series.

Looks is deceiving: I do not actually live in a mushroom.

I can be contacted at: stefanwintein-at-gmail-dot-com.

Have fun,